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The Tristaina solar viewpoint opens to the public next Friday

Idea by Joan Viladomat, the attraction pays homage to Bonaventura Adellach

The new solar viewpoint of Tristaina, at the top of the peak of Peyreguils, in Arcalís, will open to the public next Friday with an open day at the Tristaina gondola and the Creussans chairlift to present the new attraction of the domain. p>

Access to the viewpoint is mainly from these two widgets and then you have to walk along a path prepared to reach the construction, the work of Sergi Riba and Toni Riberaygua.

The infrastructure, which was presented yesterday morning, has 360 degrees, a shape and function of a panoramic sundial and offers "the visitor a new privileged perspective of the entire glacial circus of Tristaina and the three lakes," according to sources from Grandvalira, promoter of the project, emphasized.

The peak is located at an altitude of 2,700 meters and is part of the Tristaina circus, along with the peaks of Costa Rodona, Tristaina, Creussans and Cabanyó.

Joan Viladomat, president of Grandvalira Resorts, has been the driving force behind the project. The businessman wanted to build an accessible viewpoint with widgets and a walking tour for all audiences.

The project has sought to allow the maximum number of mountains in the vicinity and that it be a sundial that pays homage to the meaning of the peak of Arcalís as a solar mountain, said sources from Grandvalira, who also noted that the viewpoint " it is a new point to enjoy a natural spectacle that takes place every August 7 when seven minutes pass from 7.30 in the morning ”. At this time, at the peak of Arcalís, the sun is visible for three minutes through a hole in the rock. An exceptional phenomenon discovered by Bonaventura Adellach in the night expeditions to the peak, who died in May and who was honored with this work.

Diari d’Andorra


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