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The meridian line Becerril de Campos (Palencia)

Appeared in "El norte de" on 16/07/2013:

Large dark box similar to a camera that evokes the idea of ​​Leonardo da Vinci to reproduce inside a hole through the images from abroad, mainly from the sun, thereby creating a meridian line. About this original proposal is based astronomical project rehabilitation of the old church of San Pedro de Becerril de Campos, building dating back to the twelfth century. And from it, a small compendium of actions related to astronomy, which turn what is now a ruin into a unique cultural center in Castilla y León.

Alvaro Gutierrez, one of three buildings Cabero architects S. A., a company specializing in rehabilitation of monuments that performs restoration of San Pedro, relates that the idea of ​​providing the astronomical content building arose as they entered the church and looked up. The wreck was not covered, allowing them to see a piece of heaven and, therefore, "see the beautiful sky Castilian" he says.

Carlos del Olmo, another architect, adds that, in addition, in the region there is no meridian line and the ones in Spain, as in the case of El Escorial, were laid in the eighteenth century palaces and churches , not an entire building. His project like the City, the owner of the old church of San Pedro, which from the outset, its mayor, Mario Granda, had opted for a restoration that related to the elements of nature.

work, funded through the Cultural 1% of the State and the City Council with a budget of around one million euros, have already started.

The first action involves placing a wooden frame covered with laminated copper finish. The roof of the building will be painted dark blue to emulate the night and through LED lighting system will play what you see in the sky the night of San Pedro.

oriented side of the church at noon will be where you have the hole through which the image of the sun penetrate. On the ground mark the meridian line, which is nothing more than a band cov, which will serve axis along which the sun will at 12:00 every day of the year. "It is an astronomical mechanism due to the projections made serves to explain the movement of the universe. Curiously, if you're not very interested, because what you see on the ground is a photo of the sun, "explains Carlos del Olmo. But not the only astronomical elements. Alvaro Gutierrez states that will also include a sundial on the front of the court, west window from which to enjoy the sunsets and a spider terracampiñas a north window. Now, already under construction, architects are considering, besides building a Foucault pendulum.

astronomical that all these elements are drawn correctly, Cabero Building S. A. is counting on the cooperation and supervision of the Astronomical Association of Palencia, "comprised of prominent mathematicians and physicists as well as astronomers" pointed Gutierrez. Along

astronomical approach, the architects have invested in this restoration to value the architectural elements of the building are preserved: Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque reforms apse and maintain the elements of the ruin: bare arches , ivy ... that give an air "very special romantic and appealing" describes Alvaro Gutierrez. There will be a cultural center to use. They will not even need guides or explanations. With a simple brochure, visitors can experience all that is offered, Becerril Mayor explains. Content will also be given for school visits with documentation of basic astronomy workshops and thus extend the possible range of visitors who can learn a cultural one in the community. With the launch of this new tourism resource that wants to be a reality in 2014, completes the cultural and tourist Becerril de Campos, a city that has been declared a Historical. Stresses its parish church, one of the best of religious art of the province which houses paintings by Alonso Berruguete, Juan Alejo de Vahía or Juni or the ability to travel through the canal de Castilla, which runs through the town with the ship John of Homar .

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